Divorce client Deborah Green

Stressful litigation was avoided

Divorce is painful enough.   Add to it division of property and custody of minor children and it can be a nightmare.   That’s when you need someone to not only be on your side, but to represent your interests and know how to work through the legal system.

Deborah Green hired Louis Erickson of Golden Gate Legal Center when she faced a divorce. He had been highly recommended by a close friend.

“Mr. Erickson was sympathetic and understanding,” says Deborah.   “After he assured me that everything would be OK, he took all the necessary steps to help me.   He was very professional. I didn’t know what to expect but he explained everything to me and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

Louis Erickson has been an attorney in Collier County for 35 years.   Over those years he has handled hundreds of divorces.   He knows nearly all of the judges and has negotiated with most attorneys.   He knows divorce law and he knows how to work within the system. The legal community and his clients respect him for his competence and work ethic.   They know that when Mr. Erickson says he will do something, he will.

He also knows the importance of mediation in divorce cases.     More often than not, a good mediator addresses and resolves issues at a conference table. They know what judges will or won’t approve and they share that knowledge with divorce clients. Louis works with some of the best mediators in the area. Through mediation, compromises are worked out that both parties are satisfied with. The time, stress and expense of going to trial can be avoided.

“I was able to relax, knowing that Mr. Erickson was handling everything for me,” says Deborah. “I was able to perform well at my job without being stressed out.    And I was able to focus on my daughter so that the divorce didn’t upset her.

“I highly recommend Louis Erickson of Golden Gate Legal Center if you need a good lawyer. He was my divorce lawyer.   He should be yours too. ”e>