Domestic Violence Court is a busy Court in Collier County.

Often those charged with Domestic Violence do not bring an attorney to the hearing.

A civil Domestic Violence charge should be recognized as a very serious matter that can result in future adverse consequences with respect to time with your children, right to possess firearms and future job employment. Most Domestic Violence cases are treated as Injunction for Protective Relief against Domestic Violence and are a civil matter.

In some cases the police are involved and the person is charged with criminal battery/domestic violence. At Golden Gate Legal Center we recognize the serious implications of a Domestic Violence charge whether it’s civil or criminal. We will ensure that the Court hears the full story before rendering its adjudication.

There are often significant exaggerations in civil Domestic Violence cases that need to be brought to the Court’s attention. Through legal representation from Louis Erickson you can be confident that your case will be fully explained and presented to the Court.