Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate transactions can be as simple as the preparation and recording of a Quit-Claim Deed or as complex as the sale of a mobile home park. At Golden Gate Legal Center we have been involved in each of these transactions and everything in between  See More – Click Here


Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are commonly used as the entity through which we establish our businesses. At Golden Gate Legal Center we can file your corporation online through the Florida Department of State, obtain   See More – Click Here

Commercial Litigation

We all want to avoid litigation. But in the business world even the most cautious and careful companies may end up in Court. Louis Erickson is an experienced litigator, familiar with the Court Room and Court House Procedures.  See More – Click Here

Construction Law

Most people involved in the construction industry are familiar with Liens, Notice to Owners and Contracts. Most people involved in the construction industry are familiar with Liens, Notice to Owners and Contracts. See More – Click Here


At Golden Gate Legal Center we have represented both Landlords and Tenants. We have found that Landlords are particularly concerned about having their Eviction Case filed promptly and pursued diligently. See More – Click Here

Business Closings

Business Closings usually begin with a friendly handshake between a Seller and proposed Buyer. Too often, after the Closing, there is “Buyer remorse” or other problems that arise that create a hostile relationship that may lead to litigation. See More – Click Here

Contract Drafting

Contracts have been a part of our business and personal lives from the beginning of time. When a Contract is put in writing it enables everyone involved to understand and analyze the terms and conditions. See More – Click Here

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Agreements are very sensitive documents and topics. Everyone understands the importance they may have but we also recognize the uncomfortable positioning of entering a written contract regarding your upcoming marriage. See More – Click Here

Juvenile Proceedings

Juvenile Court is an ugly Court. It has 2 aspects: “Juvenile Delinquency” when the kids get in serious criminal trouble and “Dependency” when the parents are in serious trouble because of their actual or alleged inappropriate parenting.  See More – Click Here


The Collier County Court system has an efficient Guardianship and Probate department. Having a Guardian appointed is complicated even if the need for the Guardian is obvious.  See More – Click Here


Step-parent Adoptions are favored by Florida Law so long as there is proper consent from the involved parents. No court proceeding is more appreciated by the Judges than children’s adoptions.  See More – Click Here

Paternity and Child Support

Under Florida Law the father of a child born out of wedlock has very few rights with respect to that child until he has his paternity established through a Court proceeding.  See More – Click Here

Code Enforcement

Every Code Enforcement battle has its own facts and problems. Louis S. Erickson at Golden Gate Legal Center will help you obtain the best solution when you encounter Code Enforcement issues.  See More – Click Here

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