Lisa Smith

Legal Assistant

It started out as an opportunity for a new career. It has turned into a great place to work with a lot of job satisfaction in helping people.

Lisa Smith has worked for Louis Erickson at Golden Gate Legal Center for 17 years.

She’s the friendly face you’ll find to walk you through the doors and assists you with your legal matters.

Lisa started with no experience in the legal profession and and has found her niche.

She enjoys meeting the people, and on occasions sits with the teary eyed client that needs a soft shoulder.

In addition to enjoying her work, she lives just down the street in the Golden Gate community of Naples.

She’s learned the process for doing the administrative work on all sorts of legal matters, from Wills and Divorce, to Bankruptcy and Real Estate transactions. The learning never stops and she learns something new nearly daily.

It makes her feel good to see how they can help people in some trying situations.

Watch the video below to see the personality shine through on your visit to Golden Gate Legal Center: