Protecting Your Homestead Through Bankruptcy

DSC00739The equity in our home is the primary asset for many of us. Through the bankruptcy process we can protect that asset by eliminating debt that could become a problem. Large credit card debt, that cannot be repaid is dischargable in bankruptcy. Judgment debts are eliminated and thereby removed as potential liens. When your debts are discharged through a bankruptcy they are gone forever. Nobody likes to file for bankruptcy but it sure can eliminate a lot of worry and protect your life savings accumulated through the equity of your home. Schdule a free consultation at Golden Gate Legal Center and attorney, Louis Erickson will explain how it can work for you.

Child Support Modification

Divorce TipsOnce it is determined by the Court that a modification of child support is allowed, the court will consider all relevant matters which may include changes that were not involved in the inital reason for reopening the issue.

For example,  the father request a reduction in support due to his reduced income.  The mother can then raise the issue that the child is spending more overnights with her and therefore she is entitled to an increased child support amount.

End result:  The child support will be recalculated based on the current circumstances in their entirety.

Louis Erickson Speaks to Business Group

Louis Erickson at Business BreakfastLouis Erickson spoke to the Golden Gate Area Civic Association Business Breakfast group to talk about things to look for and things to do to avoid legal troubles.

The discussion included:

  • Type of Business: LLC or Corporation
  • Credit Cards and Record Keeping. Keep your personal and business separate
  • Taxes of Sub Chapter S or C Corp.

Watch the videos below for the details