Paternity and Child Support

Under Florida Law the father of a child born out of wedlock has very few rights with respect to that child until he has his paternity established through a Court proceeding.

Often this is done by the Florida Department of Revenue, which is the agency that seeks child support for unwed mothers or fathers in need. If the Department of Revenue has filed a child support case the father needs to ensure that the child support established is the proper amount. Child support varies significantly depending on the parenting time each spends with the child.

Every paternity case should include a Parenting Plan as well as the establishment of appropriate support obligations. Once a paternity determination is made it usually cannot be reversed. The child support and Parenting Plan continue throughout the child’s first 18 years!

At Golden Gate Legal Center we will make sure that you have the proper Parenting Plan that will allow you a healthy and proper relationship with your children.