Real Estate transactions can be as simple as the preparation and recording of a Quit-Claim Deed or as complex as the sale of a mobile home park.

At Golden Gate Legal Center we have been involved in each of these transactions and everything in between. The preparation and signing of Deeds seem very simple. It’s not always so.

The preparer has to know the importance of marital status, accurate legal descriptions and the legal requirements for the execution of a Deed. At Golden Gate Legal Center we are familiar with Deeds, Contracts, Closing Statements, Title Insurance and the many other facets that become part of Real Estate transactions.

Even if a Title Company is preparing most of the documents and doing the Closing it is recommended that both the Buyer and the Seller have an attorney of their choice review the documents so that there is complete understanding as to what is being paid or what is being received.

If issues of Title arise during the Closing transaction we can help in correcting those issues and obtaining the documents necessary to allow the Closing to be completed.