Wills and Living Trusts allow you to dispose of your property upon your death to the loved ones or charities of your choice.

Attorney Louis Erickson will explain the many alternatives available to you.

Florida is a “Probate Friendly” state that has minimal estate tax situations. This allows Florida residents broad discretion to do as they want with their assets.

Experienced Assistance

We assist you in developing a plan for the distribution and transfer of your assets in an orderly and efficient manner. Additionally, we explain the importance of Living Wills to end the needless physical suffering should recovery be hopeless.

Most elderly Floridians, especially those whose spouses have predeceased them, should also appoint a trusted relative or friend as their Health Care Surrogate to make health decisions when they are unable to do so, and to designate a proper person to handle their finances, if necessary.

Having these documents in place before a health crisis, such as a paralyzing stroke or the onset of Alzheimer’s, can eliminate the need for court intervention and the appointment of a Guardian at a later time.


The Florida Legislature encourages retirees to make Florida their home by having a Probate system that is mostly estate tax free and that is established to allow an orderly and efficient distribution of ones estate, whether it is small or large.

Many lawyers charge a fee of at least 3% of the total probate assets.

At Golden Gate Legal Center we charge only for the time we spend on the Probate matter, which is usually much less than the 3% when estates have assets involving real estate.

We understand the importance of having the deceased’s property distributed quickly and properly.